STEM Уроки

Русская Школа  в Нашуа предлагает дополнительные уроки для детей

If you are looking for a way to ignite the spark of science and creativity in your child, our school’s Science club is a fun and challenging program for your child to do so!

Science club meetings allow students to advance their knowledge and skills in the STEM direction (Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

Students are provided with unconventional practical problems including some typical SAT tasks and detailed explanations of the solution.

Homework help and assistance is offered in the end and during the class. The program combines American and European methods of teaching STEM subjects, not limited to the use of I.G. & G. P. Homchenko, V. A. Kryzhanovsky, L. Landau, E. T. Jaynes, P. Atkins etc. books and various SAT preparation materials.

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